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“got to your webpage and finally managed to encrypt disk. Oh, I’m so happy right now! Thank you, Sir!"
Marcelo Barboza (@SalveBarboza)

“Thanks to @romanzolotarev I have enabled HTTPS on my new OpenBSD 6.5 server without much fuss."
uranther (

“…thank you for wonderful resources at and for spreading the message of simplification."
Rakhim (@freetonik)

“Even though it’s Thursday, I have a reason to pick one early entry for the Follow Friday mentions: @romanzolotarev
You guys this man is a wizard"
h3artbl33d (@h3artbl33d)

“Yeah, if he keeps this up he'll be my successor. Which is good, we need one.”

Michael Warren Lucas

“OpenBSD might seem kind of a obscure, but it has a really cool community, which is really helpful. I want to give a shoutout to this one guy. His name is Roman Zolotarev… His articles and his messages have been really helpful to me."
Wolfgang (@notthebeeee)

“Been learning a lot of bsd and specifically openbsd from Roman. This is a great website."
Isak Holmström (

“@romanzolotarev Thanks for all the Twitter updates over 2018 It is much appreciated… and is a big help to users of OpenBSD… Peace out and have a great 2019…"
Tom Smyth (@ogmaconnect1)

“Thanks Roman for all your documentation work … and all your guides for people who have yet to learn the knowledge they seek is in the man pages… thanks for your Work on making BSD more Accessible … Большое спасибо вам"
Tom Smyth (@ogmaconnect1)

“If you haven’t met @romanzolotarev yet, this #OpenBSD hacker is the #MacGyver of the web. If aliens invade and take away all the shiny MacBooks and destroy JS (please come!), to Roman we should call for help! With just coreutils + a few packages, he can rebuild the internet 4all"
Leon Stafford (@leonvolunteers)

“Clever. This one is for you @romanzolotarev who recently helped with some css. Give him follow if you are into openbsd and unix like system”

Vivek Gite
Author, sysadmin, and trainer

“Roman is good! Shares his knowlegde"
PieterHog (@PieterHog)

“I could not believe, but installing #openbsd on laptop was 5 times easier than installing Ubuntu. ‘fw_update’ does miracles! Thanks @romanzolotarev and some unknown hero at"
Dmytro Gladkyi (@DmytroGladkyi)

“A few months ago, after a 10 year hiatus from @openbsd, @romanzolotarev’s posts got me installing 6.3… Fast forward to today (and 6.4), I’ve consolidated four #Debian boxes into a single Intel NUC and couldn’t be happier: small, power efficient and EASY! Dev laptop is next!"
Andrew Vieyra (@andrewvieyra)

“I just found ssg! You are so damn cool. I love your approach to things.”

Derek Sivers
Entrepreneur and book publisher

“…your posts are helping me tremendously with my first steps in the OpenBSD world so thank you :)"
julien (

“…I’m always amazed by shell and bsd base system, all that cool native tools. Thx roman to make me discover those tools :)"
&mbash; dervishe (@dervyshe)

“…I’m so happy because now I’ve learned something new! I’ll never forgot your kindness to me, Thank you for you help!"
Hajime Edakawa (@hjmedkw)

“Definitely got me into #OpenBSD by replying with compelling facts vs nerd rage to a fairly ignorant post I made on Twitter :)
$1 a month to @romanzolotarev will come back to me x1000 anyway, in the form of new knowledge and inspiration. Thanks, Roman!"
Leon Stafford (@leonvolunteers)

“Thank you! I have been wondering about this, so this tip was helpful."
Stig Atle (@stigatle)

“I’m so glad I can finally make a good use of @romanzolotarev awesome posts like this one"
julien (

“Updated my web server to OpenBSD 6.4 with help from @romanzolotarev. Thanks again for all your work!"
d4rk_0men (@d4rk_0men)

“Thanks to @romanzolotarev help I got the installer running and pulling packages right now. Installation in progress."
8008 (@l8n8dude)

“Nice how to website: by @romanzolotarev Zolotarev covering lots of #OpenBSD topics"
Rajesh Krishna Nandanwar (@rnandanwark)

“Really like what you’re doing with your tips, scripts and other contributions concerning OpenBSD :) I think it’s just in line with the thinking behind OpenBSD (and UNIX in general); simple but powerful tools with clear instructions."
Hans Solo (@pikkabird)

“…I adore your bsd texts."
Isak Holmström (

“Subscribed via RSS. Thanks for your great work!"
Eric LeBlanc (@Erc_LeBlanc)

“Your shell kung fu is too awesome 👍"
Ashish Kurian Thomas (@sadhya_mafia)

“thank you for showing interest. You have given me a huge boost in motivation 🚀"
Simon (

“Thanks for the inspiration. I ordered Absolute OpenBSD and spun up a vps for learning & practice. I’m going to do exactly what you suggest and work through all the man pages. I’ve been in GNU land all my linux life, so this is something exciting and new."
Tomasino (

“Your articles are awesome, really readable ! Thank’s for such work and such free sharing."
Wesley (@wesley974)

“Roman Zolotarev — A true inspiration. His insights, writings and occasional ramblings are what pushed me to write and share. And he continues to be the number one drive. Roman, you redefine awesome. Thank you!”


“Your post is the only reason for the recent discovery so thank you!"
Daryl Turner (@Packet_Plumber)

“…we have released a new SoloBSD build, based on latest #HardenedBSD 11-STABLE sources and we have added @romanzolotarev ssg2 Static Site Generator"
Guillermo García R. (

“ now powered by ssg2! Static pages coming even faster at you! Thank you @romanzolotarev for replacing us with a tiny shell script."
OpenBSD Amsterdam (@OpenBSDAms)

“I followed another one of @romanzolotarev’s awesome guides to set up a remote git host on #OpenBSD. My mind is still blown because of how easy it was! Thanks, Roman!"
@lambdanerd (@lambdanerd)

“I just upgraded my personal server to OpenBSD 6.4. I took advantage of opportunity to replace Jekyll with ssg as a static site generator. ssg is a shell script with all features I need (simply generating a website from markdown). Thanks to @romanzolotarev !"
Miguel Vidal (@mvidallopez)

“Thanks for your inspiring work in promoting #RUNBSD. Your inspiration made me rework my website and move it to @OpenBSDAms."
Bruno Flückiger (@buf)

“Finally found a good deal on a thinkpad and got a T430. Installing OpenBSD. This is your fault @romanzolotarev! 😉"
Carlos Fenollosa (@cfenollosa)

“I'd like to take a moment to thank @romanzolotarev for his BSD advocacy efforts. You're doing amazing work and it's fun to read all these stories.”

Shawn Webb
Cofounder of HardenedBSD

“So… it works! Thanks @romanzolotarev for your guide ! More details in a few minutes"
V (@monolit0)

“Just launched my first OpenBSD instance on @Vultr! I’m excited to finally dig into it. I blame @romanzolotarev"
lambdanerd (@lambdanerd)

“…@romanzolotarev is a guru tho"
,’:€,’ (@strangeqargo)

“…can confirm that Roman is the must follow for #everythingOpenBSD :-)"
WhiteHatScum (@WhiteHatScum)

“Got full control over my #OpenBSD VM at @OpenBSDAms @mischapeters and @romanzolotarev are doing great work for users and community."
Vetelko (@vetelko)

“your tireless efforts for the BSD community are greatly appreciated."
Wesley Moore (@wezm)

“Read stories of people running #BSD at it is interesting and motivating. It is edifying experience."
Vetelko (@vetelko)

“SSG by @romanzolotarev is an impressively small static site generator with a tiny installed footprint. Really good for when you just need the core features."
Simon Dann (@carbontwelve)

“Roman implemented what I asked him to and adjusted my X rgb.txt green to a nicer one. I simply sent him the output of 2 echo commands with the exact characters you see in my logo now. It was a good investment for me. I donated almost what I donate to OpenBSD each month. Thanks Roman :)”

Jeffrey Allen Neitzel
Author of Etsh


“btw. nice website. 10KB, loads fast, elegant CSS, no JS <3"
Wolf480pl (

“I wish I’ve read this earlier. …thanks @romanzolotarev"
antranigv (@antranigv)

“…Thank you @romanzolotarev for the awesome guide on setting this up!"
lamdanerd (@lambdanerd)

“about to deploy my first #OpenBSD web server on vultr with special thanks to @romanzolotarev for the helpful guide"
The Electron User (@thebadposts)

“I’ve used #OpenBSD on email servers and firewalls since 3.0 (2001) and briefly as my family home computer ~3.6 (2004). But kudos to @romanzolotarev whose consistent advocacy and engagement in the community has spurred me to move my main work laptop there for the first time. Thx!"
Seth Hanford (@SethHanford)

“Really like how much awareness you create for the bsd cause. :-)"
Bas Langernberg (@BasLangenberg)

“Be the change. Congrats Roman, it takes courage to swim upstream instead of drifting along with the current.”

Adam Wołk
OpenBSD developer

“Thanks for giving the BSDs more visibility."
raichoo (@raichoo)

“…@romanzolotarev’s reports on the X1C5 are making me seriously consider diving right in."
surryhill (@surryhill)

“You’re the @AllanJude of OpenBSD :)"
Farhan Yusufzai (@FarhanYusufzai)

“Thanks for writing ssg ;)"
nixfloyd (@nixfloyd)

“Thank you to all OpenBSD developers for making every workday sane and secure. Thank you @mischa for @OpenBSDAms. Thank you @romanzolotarev for writing proper tutorials, which I can sent to colleagues…"
h3artbl33d ( “27 Jul 2018”)

“Thanks @romanzolotarev for your password management tool."
minimalist_unix (@minimalist_unix)

“…thank you for pointing me to the @ergodoxez keyboard. Thank you! It’s a nice replacement for my das keyboard."
Special J (@blockophilia)

“…@romanzolotarev has some good articles too and is always willing to help. Contrary to popular belief the #OpenBSD community is pretty damn friendly and always willing to help."
Ross Timson (@rosstimson)

“…Roman’s tutorials on his page are awesome. Become a patron and support his effort"
Peter Kotrčka (

“the acme client docs you wrote helped to set this up in no time. Thanks!"
Tom Van Looy (@tvlooy)

“Appreciating your time & effort to help people to switch to BSD. :) Such nice to see people with motivation to help others"
k4m1 (@_k4m1_)

“You’re an absolute reference for those who love Unix systems like me, thanks…"
b3h3m0th (@b3h3m0th)

“…@romanzolotarev is amazing :)"
Tom Van Looy (@tvlooy)

“Great! You influenced many people."
Vetelko @vetelko

“Thanks 🙏 You inspired me. 🙂"
Ilmari Vacklin (@wolverian)

“…you motivate to share the knowledge"
Antranig Vartanian (@antranigv)

“Thanks to you, Roman. (especially for the tools you’ve mentioned that I wouldn’t have discovered on my own)"
V6Shell(Jeff) (@v6shell)

“…Brilliant philosophy there."
Geoff English (@DryLabRebel)

“ssg by @romanzolotarev seems to be working a treat and great option for those of us who prefer static sites …"
Dylan (@GrimSysadmin)

“…Thanks for providing ssg! It is helping me to (slowly) put my #OpenBSD musings into words…"
fd0 (@fd0_nl)

“Thanx @romanzolotarev for the great "corporate" identity! Love the logo and images.”

Mischa Peters

OpenBSD Amsterdam

“I like your style, you go to the root!"
Jonas B. Rossi (@rossijonas)

“…thanx again for ssg! Starting to move gists to my site and it couldn’t have been more simple."
(((Mischa 🕶 🐡 RCX))) (@mischapeters)

“TIL #OpenBSD nvi can do split window… Thanks @romanzolotarev!"
ParadeGrotesque (@ParadeGrotesque)

“Special thanks to @romanzolotarev without whom I wouldn’t venture many things - including this one 👏"
Marina Kuznetcova (@mrnkzntcv)

“We hired a new dev; thank you a lot...”

Reyk Flöter
OpenBSD developer


“Hey Roman, I absolutely love watching your adventure through BSD land via Twitter!"
Ben Brunzel (@asciijungle)

“I like that specimen.txt, man. Good stuff."
👽V6Shell(Jeff)🐡 (@v6shell)

“Oh wow, this is something for my long and boring night shifts."
Peter Kotrčka (

“@romanzolotarev inspired me to create my new #webpage - I’ll test some ideas there. I’m going to learn so much :-)"
Peter Kotrčka (

“@romanzolotarev your tweets made me write my first ed(1) powered refactoring. I thought you would’ve been proud to know. ;)"
Giulio Eulisse (@ktf)

“Thank you & thanks again because I wouldn’t be using a YubiKey without your help!"
equalunique (@no1evanrowley)

“Fellow OpenBSD, YubiKey, Kensington Orbit Trackball, & ErgoDox user - I salute you!"
equalunique (@no1evanrowley)

“Dope setup"
nixCraft (@nixcraft)

“I am in love with this setup. Simple. Awesome. Functional. Efficient."
BuildItBenjamin (@bl4nk_io)

“I am loving @romanzolotarev’s"
Doppelvizsla (@doppelvizsla)

“Thanks to @romanzolotarev’s static site generator, I’m back on my “static site sausage machine for some extra pocket peanuts” kick again."
pr1ntf (@pr1ntf)

“Two days ago I thought that everything I would write about is already written, and probably not once. Now I feel kind of tickle going to write something (in fact anything, I've got so many things to tell about), but didn't find spare couple hours yet :)”

Marina Kuznetcova
Frontend Engineer

“Roman you have inspired me. I’m starting a project this weekend on @vultr with #OpenBSD and #Erlang…"
BrutusUnix (@BrutusUnix)

“@romanzolotarev motivated me to spend some more time in OpenBSD"
Wesley Moore (@wezm)

“I enjoyed reading your posts. Great content. There’s a few things I’m going to research now. Thanks!"
z2h (@_1gbps)

“Roman thanks for sharing all this information. Really is helpful especially to new comers to the project."
Josh Stephens (@tuxbsd)

“@romanzolotarev liking your style! We should meet one day"
Kai Hendry (@kaihendry)

“It’s a nice .cwmrc! I even modeled mine after it. Recommended. 5 stars."
(((Mischa 🕶 🐡 RCX))) (@mischapeters)

“Sounds good. Thanks again for all of your awesome work! Truly appreciate it :)"
Diego Casati (@diegocasati)

“Damn you are a machine!! Building tons of stuff."
EssentialOS=OpenBSD (@BrutusUnix)

“I’ve said it before, but @mwlauthor and @romanzolotarev are the reasons I use OpenBSD"
Tom A (@hir0pr0tagonist)

“Not to mention provide an inspiration about the unix os and its tools and philosophies. Your new script really got me fired up again on learning unix and its tools and the tinkering spirit"
Josh Stephens (@tuxbsd)

“…thanks for article itself this can help many people to give #OpenBSD a chance."
Ve Telko (@vetelko)

“It's really inspiring to see you give back much to the community. I appreciate your work - ssg, your how-to's for less familiar users, etc. I felt I should mention that to you 😀”

OpenBSD fan

“Dagnabbit. Now you’ve got me interested in (re)learning some CVS to (re)gain some proficiency at it. I thought I had one of the O’Reilly books (“Essential CVS” or “CVS Pocket Reference”) in my ebook collection but apparently not. 🤔"
Tim Chase (@gumnos)

“zOMG! This is AWESOME! Great job, going to set this up first thing in the morning. 💕"
H3artbl33d (@h3artbl33d)

“my X1 Carbon was delayed yet again… That @romanzolotarev will be ready with his OpenBSD setup by the time it finally ships is the only good thing about the delay. Tot stealing his work"
Vlad Kozin (@zeRusski)

“Oh god. The first paragraph is so spot on it’s almost spooky. I’ve always dreamed of being able to boot into the terminal then open web browser just when I needed."
jesús gollonet (@jesusgollonet)

“Guy knows what he’s talking about folks."
Sean (@smhhms)

“Bonus points for using the Field Notes ;)"
BuildItBenjamin (@bl4nk_io)

111 quotes, but who’s counting ;)