Tested on macOS 10.13

Test site performance with WebPageTest

Install webpagetest-api.

$ npm install webpagetest -g

Save your specs to webpagetestspecs.json.

Request your API key at WebPagetest.org. Wait for the email with your key. The API key is limited to 200 page loads per day.

Export your API key as WPT_API_KEY and target URL as URL. Run your test.

$ export URL=https://www.romanzolotarev.com/
$ webpagetest test $URL --first --poll \
--specs webpagetestspecs.json --key $WPT_API_KEY

  median.firstView.requests: 6 should be less than 10
  median.firstView.render: 605 should be less than 1000
  median.firstView.loadTime: 527 should be less than 1000
  median.firstView.score_gzip: 100 should be greater than 90

4 passing (6ms)

Add this test to your continuous deployment process.