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Fred says…

“Hi! I’m Tran Dac Anh (known to others as Fred), a software developer working on smallholder farmers solutions at Singapore Digital Hub of Yara.

In 2015 I joined Cinarra Systems to develop UI for mobile ad management and planning platform. Roman was leading the frontend developers and we have been friends since.

We were working on Meteor and CoffeeScript project in the middle of full migration into React. The resultant project in React was the main focal point of our work at Cinarra. One, if not the best part, was that the whole team was remote.

Working with Roman and team was my first exposure to serious React development and also the first remote job. I came in as a mid-level/senior engineer with Ad Tech experiences to help quicken the pace and deliver a tight product. The team taught me a lot and we were aligned in shipping decent products to end users. After Roman decided to pursure other interests outside Cinarra and another left, I took over the lead duties.

With Roman as the gel among all of us, but communication was a breeze even for me as the only non-Russian speaker among the team and the engineers in Russia. Roman was always the one distilling requirements from stakeholders down to common frontend development tasks, diagrams and made sure we understood what we were building with follow-ups and validations. In that aspect, he shielded us from a lot of downwards pressure and provided clarity whenever required, either to other developers or non-engineering groups.

Roman is one of the most well-rounded engineers I’ve known and worked with. He is one of the few who take KISS and DRY principles and apply them to as many things as possible. As an engineer, Roman has always been serious and passionate about working software while remaining calm through the most intense situtations. His knowledge and insights are super valuable to any projects and his code philosophy is minimal and clean. Most developers could learn a thing or two from this man and all Engineering Managers could really learn from him.

Find me on Twitter, GitHub, or email me any time.”

Tran Dac Anh
Software Developer