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Sath says…

“Roman was sole person in-charge of the UI development at Cinarra Systems during the early years.

I have worked with Roman on and off during this time. He was a consultant initially with Cinarra and later on he became our first UI employee in Singapore in 2015. As Senior UI Architect he reported to me during his employment with Cinarra. During his time as the employee, he helped me grow the team in Singapore and elsewhere to allow us to push out features and initiate a migration to React.js and also to a newer design for our UI frontend application.

Roman is articulate and communicating with Roman was fairly easy and as he spoke English without much trouble. Even during the trying and crazy times Roman was patient and advocated a simple design and worked with the backend engineers to get well-tested APIs to ensure fewer surprises.”

Sath Nelakonda
VP of Engineering

Cinarra Systems
California, United States