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Raman says…

“Hello 👋

I’m Raman @ksaitor, a developer and founder of Crypto Jobs List. I’m building apps, helping solve real problems, and inspire other makers and devs to do the same. Recently I’ve inspired Roman to build BSDjobs 😉.

In 2015 Roman and I have worked together on an ad management system for a Cupertino based tech startup Cinarra Systems.

I was a full stack JavaScript contractor, helping Cinarra build out web applications. I was reporting to Roman and working side by side with him. Cinarra’s frontend systems were written in CoffeeScript, and even though I was an experienced JS developer I have not worked with CoffeeScript before and was slightly anxious if I’d pick it up in time.

Roman acted as an excellent mentor, guiding my introduction to CoffeeScript as well as promoting high-standard engineering and coding practices overall. Perhaps the simplest and clearest code I’ve seen anyone produce. It’s always a pleasure working with other A players that inspire you to perform at your peak.

You can find me on Twitter or email me any questions you might have about Roman’s specific skills and experience.”

Raman Shalupau

Crypto Jobs List