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Marat says…

“Hello, I’m Marat, a software developer at freshcells systems engineeing. I started working with Roman in 2012 at adtech startup Cinarra Systems, we were very first employees and started building and developing the project from scratch.

At first, Roman had been UI architect and engineer. He worked remotely as a contractor and I was working as full-stack web developer based in Russia, partially under Roman’s leadership. We were working in different time zones, but I never felt any difficulties in communications with him. When the company hired more frontend developers, Roman started leading frontend team, and I completely moved to backend development. We continued working together in different teams on an ad campaign management platform.

Roman excels as a communicator and leader and it’s always a pleasure to discuss and solve challenging technical problems with him.

I’d like to highlight two distinct qualities of Roman. They describe him pretty well: minimalism and aim to perfection. Those can be traced in his personal habits as well as in a professional life.

Feel free to contact me via email.”

Marat Tukhvatullin
Software Developer

freshcells systems engineeing
Dusseldorf, Germany