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Mischa says…

“I am Mischa Peters. I am running a hosting and co-locating company out of Amsterdam as a out-of-hand hobby, recently kicking off OpenBSD Amsterdam, and my $dayjob is leading a team of Systems Engineers for a security startup.

Roman and I got to know each other on Twitter in early 2017 and bonded quickly due to common interests in technology, OpenBSD, and minimalism. His musings on OpenBSD and willingness to help others is great to see and he has quite a reach with it.

His launch of BSDjobs and subsequent “people who run BSD” was great to see and shows well his unique combination of clear and concise writing and technical skills. Our first proper project together was when OpenBSD Amsterdam started and Roman was willing to take care of the project’s style guide, logo, and pretty much overall communication.

I have come to know Roman as a very positive, passionate, and detail-oriented person. All qualities I appreciate a lot in people. It is always a pleasure having discussions with Roman even though we are miles apart.

You can find me on Twitter or contact me via email.

Mischa Peters
Founder and maintainter

OpenBSD Amsterdam
Amsterdam, Netherlands