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Marina says…

“When you adore minimalism and strive for perfection, and then you suddenly find a mentor who is a minimalist and a perfectionist, you appear to be in a fairytail where a wise and kind wizard leads you by the hand, showing you a secret path you’ve been looking for all the time.

Roman is that wizard. Another guy in his shoes—being that skilled and experienced—might have turned up his nose at everyone else and keep his secret path secret. But Roman, rather than hiding it, takes you through it, lighting up the way beneath your feet. When he doesn’t share his knowledge verbally, he stays a silent example for all developers and all people on the whole, always being highly sympathetic and precise. He is the one to rely on, to defer to, to learn from—not only professionally. He literally teaches you both to code and to live, cutting the unneeded, improving what is left.

I am a frontend developer, and I thirst for tips-and-tricks, best practices, and a roadmap not to go astray in this wild jungle of IT. About a year ago, in 2017, I was unbelievably lucky to meet Roman, who has been helping me since then with strategic thinking—and many other things.

Roman never stops himself and never lets you stop, nudging, encouraging, and inspiring.”

Marina Kuznetcova
Frontend Engineer