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Ivan says…

“Hey! I’m Ivan Starkov, an author of a few open source JavaScript libraries, and a software developer at RealAdvisor.

In 2015 I was looking for a job as a JavaScript developer and as soon as tweeted about that, Roman replied and invited me to join Cinarra Systems.

We started working together on a web application written by Roman in CoffeeScript and powered by Meteor. I introduced my JS libraries to the project and gradually, in a couple of years, we rewrote the whole application in JavaScript and switched to React. I’m thankful to Roman for the trust.

By then I was an experienced senior software engineer, but my communication skills in English were pretty basic. Roman as a team lead and great communicator was connecting us with the rest of the company distributed across the globe.

Roman is one of the best managers I worked with, because he is always calm in any situations. Now in my daily work I’m trying to be like Roman—to be calm and friendly.

Roman is eager to learn and stays hands on with a good knowledge of modern web technologies. As a developer he advocates and supports a good code culture, he sets the bar high, even higher than in any other projects I worked with.

Feel free to email me for any questions.”

Ivan Starkov
Software Developer