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Denis says…

“Hi! My name is Denis and I’m an aircraft pilot in my free time. By day I’m a software developer at adjust, where my team makes software for a high-load system. It runs on 400+ bare metal fine tuned for extreme performance machines. These days we process around 10PB monthly.

We started working with Roman around 2008 as a small team of web developers making web services for our dear clients. We were focused on multi year long projects: several projects of a different scope. There was a quite big and ambitious one as well as a tiny one.

Roman covered all communications with clients, UI/UX design, and project management. He precicely defined the scope of every stage of each of the projects, so we could deliver smoothly and meet client’s expectations.

It’s a great pleasure to work with Roman. He demonstrates exceptional dedication, engagement, and professionalism regardless of tasks and circumstances.

In recent years we mostly keep in touch online as we both move from city to city and usually we are few hours flight apart.

You can reach me via email.

Denis Baranov
Senior Software Developer

Berlin, Germany