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Denis says…

“Hello, I’m Denis Borovikov, a senior Software Engineer at Cinarra Systems. I met Roman in 2011, when I joined his team as a frontend web developer.

We were working on several long term web projects. To name a few, building a media portal for an international telecom company, making e-commerce and registry websites, and an advertising platform. Roman was managing the team of a few remote software developers, communicating with our clients, developing architectures and UI of those web apps.

By the time I joined Roman in Singapore, Roman had been a Senior User Interface Architect at Cinarra, where he and his team developed and shipped in production an ad campaign management platform. We have been improving UI, adding features, and refactoring the architecture to fit raising business needs. Thanks to our team, I’ve picked up a lot of cutting-edge web technologies.

Our team has been based in Singapore, but the rest of the company spreads across multiple time zones. Roman handled all communications among product owners, sales team, backend developers, and devops.

Inspite all the difficulties we have as a highly distributed team (Cupertino, Singapore, Moscow, Kazan, and Tokyo), Roman had kept up with the pace of a growing startup and streamlined our work process.

We had been working together with Roman till 2016 and I’m thankful to his help with on-boarding at Cinarra and his support during my relocation to Singapore. He is a great software engineer always focused on efficiency. I value Roman as a mentor, who never stops learning and sharing what he learned with everyone he can reach. Roman is a conversationalist and a dear friend of mine.

Find me on Twitter or email me, if you have any question about Roman and his skills and professional experience.”

Denis Borovikov
Senior Software Engineer

Cinarra Systems