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Alexis says…

“I met Roman in 2008. Back then I run one of my first startups—Neonray. It was a cloud-based remote desktop solution, built on top of Amazon Web Services, and Roman carried out the due diligence on behalf of an angel investor.

I immediately liked Roman’s wide technological horizon and the thoroughness with which he studies our project.

In just a year we already worked at JumpIDEA — an investment project focused on seed-funding for technology startups. Together we’d run due diligence of dozens of teams directly participating in the formation of the early venture capital market in Russia.

A couple of years later we’re developing web services, file and video sharing for the markets in Asia. In addition to overall project management and architecting, Roman actively participated in the creation of the user interafaces for these projects. It was almost eight years ago, and we used quite a few innovative solutions for those times in building the service.

Swoosh! 💨   …six years flew by and we are working together again on a new IT consulting project.

What I’ve always liked in Roman (and continue to like):

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Alexis Nazarbaev
Founder and CEO

Moscow, Russia