This is a reference letter for

Mischa Peters

“Hey! My name is Roman and I'm mastering the Web. I was so lucky to meet Mischa on my first days within BSD community. He always has been very supportive and helpful.

In 2018 Mischa launched OpenBSD Amsterdam and I'm so thankful for his help to the community. I appreciate a lot the tranparency, openness, and minimalist aproach of the project. Everything just works, and it feels like magic. As a true magician Mischa reveals his magic secrets in great details, so more people could follow him and run services based on OpenBSD and vmm(4)/vmd(8).

Everyone who works with Mischa notices immediately: he gets things done. It's fun and inspiring to work with Mischa, thanks to his great sense of humor and his deep experience.

Feel free to contact me via email or find me on Twitter and Mastodon.”

Roman Zolotarev