Tested on OpenBSD 6.3 and 6.4

Customize xenodm(1) login screen

login screen

Enable xenodm(1):

# rcctl enable xenodm

Edit /etc/X11/xenodm/Xresources:

xlogin.Login.echoPasswd:       true
xlogin.Login.fail:             fail
xlogin.Login.namePrompt:       \040login\040
xlogin.Login.passwdPrompt:     passwd\040

xlogin.Login.height:           180
xlogin.Login.width:            280
xlogin.Login.y:                320
xlogin.Login.frameWidth:       0
xlogin.Login.innerFramesWidth: 0

xlogin.Login.background:       black
xlogin.Login.foreground:       #eeeeee
xlogin.Login.failColor:        white
xlogin.Login.inpColor:         black
xlogin.Login.promptColor:      #eeeeec

xlogin.Login.face:             fixed-13
xlogin.Login.failFace:         fixed-13
xlogin.Login.promptFace:       fixed-13

Edit /etc/X11/xenodm/Xsetup_0:

xsetroot -solid black

Logout to check the login screen.

Use YubiKey for login and SSH.

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