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OpenBSD 6.4 and ssg3

Hi there!

As you may know, few days ago OpenBSD 6.4 has been released, so I’ve updated related how-tos:

… and added new ones:

Let me know if you find them helpful.

More people has started using my static site generator this month. Thank you, brave folks! You were confused when ssg2 has ignored pages without <H1> tag, and you’re right, this is confusing. My bad. Let me fix that for you. Here is the solution: ssg3

ssg3 wraps all pages without <HTML> tag.
ssg3 still uses <H1> tag to fetch titles, but <H1> tag is optional.

A minor improvement: lowdown(1) is optional now.
It’s required only if there are *.md files.

#RunBSD stories of October:

By the way, you are welcome to share yours.

Oh, and one more thing: Run BSD website has got a new home.
Yay! Stay tuned ;)