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Get full access to my step-by-step guides and new releases as they happen (usually once a month). I review all how-tos every month and keep them updated.

Prices are subject to change. As I add more content every month prices tend to grow.

€9.00 / month
Full access for one person. Monthly billing2.
One seat
€90.00 / year1
Annual billing2.
One seat
€55.00 / month
Up to 10 seats and one virtual machine3.
10 seats and one VM
€550.00 / month
Up to 100 seats and few virtual machines3. Priority support via email, chat.
100 seats and few VMs
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    Want to use any another method? Let me know.
  3. The virtual machine (OpenBSD-release 256M RAM 25G HDD IPv4/IPv6) provided by OpenBSD.Amsterdam. They donate €6 / year for your VM to OpenBSD Foundation.

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