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Roman Zolotarev

An entrepreneur, software developer, minimalist web designer with the business and technical background.

            — Where do you see yourself in five years?
                               — Here, I guess.
      ------------------programming . . . . . . . . . .
            --------web-development . . . . . . . . . .
        -----------    ---design-ui . . . . . . . . . .
           --------------------unix . . . . . . . . . .

  1990  94  98  02  06  10  14  18  22  26  30  32  36

           ---------independent-web . . . . . . . . . .

Current projects

Founder, RGZ.EE
A school for full-stack web developers and indie hackers, 2018–present

Writing how-to guides for beginners.
Advocating simple development tools on Twitter and Mastodon.
Serving a very kind BSD community.

Supporting Unix/BSD related projects and mentoring developers. #IndieWeb #RunBSD #BSDjobs #OpenBSD 🐡

Maintaining a media kit and website for OpenBSD Amsterdam.
Created a logo for Jeff's Etsh.
Helping Mischa to promote OpenBSD Amsterdam.

Promoting BSD companies on Twitter.
Interviewing the community and hosting user stories.
h/t Raman is inspiring and advising.
Reyk for being my first customer right after the project launch.

Writing and maintaining shell scripts (licensed under ISC).

Why? 生き甲斐
The modern web is slow, bloated, and intrusive. Our community (developers, system administrators, technical writers) must promote high code standards, support free software projects. For example, OpenBSD project—the invisible backbone of the Internet—software for routers, firewalls, mail, web, DNS servers, etc. Who else can save internet kittens?

Challenges? We need to (re-)educate few hundred thousand of web developers. I heard number of programmers doubles every five years. So half of us are inexperienced juniors. We'd better keep up. Everyone should become a tutor.

Full-stack Web Developer, self-employed
Software development, Russia, 2016–present

Developing software for the web. Managing all strategic and operational marketing, customer relationship activities, and sales.

Past experience

Senior User Interface Architect, Cinarra Systems
Advertising Technology, Singapore, 2015–2016

“Cinarra is a technology startup that is addressing the changing economics of an increasingly mobile society. By uniting mobile operators and their unique "always on" data assets with the advertising ecosystem. Cinarra unlocks real life data that makes it possible for advertisers to match campaigns to consumers' activities in the real world. Through groundbreaking technology, Cinarra is creating the foundation for a new mobile Internet economy.”

Leading investors: SoftBank, Almaz Capital, and Cisco Systems.

I designed, developed, and deployed web applications (ad campaign management and reporting for advertising agencies). Hired, on-boarded, and managed web developers of a frontend team.

My team (Denis, Raman, Fred, and Ivan) developed the web application frontend of the ad campaign manager.

Marat with the backend team designed and implemented API, database, and web application server.

Sath orchestrated all engineering teams within the company.

Web Developer, self-employed
Software development, Russia, 2009–2015

Developed software for clients from California, Singapore, Tokyo, and Moscow. I was focused on frontend development (user interfaces, user experience, interaction design).

Founder, JumpIDEA
Venture Capital Fund, 2007–2009

Managed a team of advisors, handled all communications with angel investors. Provided help to a dozen of internet startups.

Director, Dubbee
SaaS, Moscow, Russia, 2008–2009

Developed online text-to-speech service. Managed relationships with angel investors. Hired and managed a team of software developers.

Director, Geotel
System Integrator, Moscow, Russia, 2007–2009

Built a content delivery network for telecom companies.

Deputy Director, Microcom
System Integrator, Moscow, Russia, 2006–2007

Deployed ERP system for a government agency and managed a team of engineers and technical writers.

Director, Volga Region CA
Certificate Authority, Kazan, Russia, 2005–2006

Provided infosec solutions (e.g. public key infrastructure and digital signature) to government companies. Managed a team of security engineers and software developers.

Director, IBN
Web Design Studio, Kazan, Russia, 2000–2005

Made and supported websites. Designed, developed, and hosted sites. Managed a small team.

Web Developer, Center
System Integrator, Kazan, Russia, 1999–2000

Built software for in-house web applications.

Print and Web Designer, Idel—Tesma and TSK
Advertising Agencies, Kazan, Russia, 1994-1999

Designed ads for print, outdoor, and the web.

Network Administrator, School 7
Secondary School, Tchaikovsky, Russia, 1991–1994

Maintained the computer network and supported users.


Master of Computer Science
Kazan National Research Technical University
Diploma with honors, Kazan, Russia, 2004


Alex Zinin
Pr3vision Consulting

Sath Nelakonda
VP of Engineering
Cinarra Systems

Timur Goldobin

Mischa Peters
OpenBSD Amsterdam

Raman Shalupau
Crypto Jobs List

Marina Kuznetcova
Frontend Engineer

Denis Borovikov
Senior Software Engineer
Cinarra Systems

Tran Dac Anh
Software Developer

Ivan Starkov
Software Developer

Marat Tukhvatullin
Software Developer
freshcells systems engineering

Kirill Kouterguine
Serial Entrepreneur

Ivan Kuznetzov
Chief Executive Officer

Denis Baranov
Senior Software Developer

Alexis Nazarbaev

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