“A father, husband, son, and brother.
I’m 41 with 27 years of work experience.
A slow fashion webmaster.
A minimalist.

In 2017 I’ve discovered a friendly and supportive community and that’s exciting. I’ve never received such overwhelming and positive feedback from the internet strangers before. As a result I’m having more time with my friends and family, reconnecting with my clients and colleagues from my previous projects from all over the world, to proudly share my excitement. ;)

These days I’m working on things that I can control, therefore I feel like everything is possible. All I need to keep running is my computers and the internet, and maybe travel more (conferences, meetups, etc).

Where do I see myself in five years? :) There is a chance I’ll be doing the same at the larger scale. I’ll be publishing more words to connect more people. My business models may change, but my mission has been solid for decades: I’m mastering the Web.

I help internet companies to find people, help my peers to find their dream jobs, help them to build fast and accessible web and to work remotely.”

— Roman

romanzolotarev Here I am. Standing still and smiling at you. Usually I’m walking and talking. Haha, just kidding, I’m sitting and staring into glowing rectangles most of the time and I look dead serious.

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